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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dan Newlin busted for DUI

Early Friday morning high-profile accident attorney (and former Sheriff's Detective) Dan Newlin was arrested for DUI. Following his release from jail he spoke with the press about his arrest.

After reading the arrest report, I think the State Attorney's Office is going to have a hard time convicting Mr. Newlin of anything for three reasons:

1. No driving pattern to indicate impairment;
2. No physical evidence of impairment, since he refused both the standard field-sobriety exercises as well as a breath test; and
3. A strong argument that the arresting officer was biased against him based on his standing in the community.

On the other hand, Dan gave some pretty silly responses after getting out of jail. For example:

1. Why does he refer to himself in the 3rd person? That just sounds cheesy;
2. Portraying himself as the "victim" of an overzealous police investigation doesn't make him sound like a responsible citizen; and
3. As a former deputy sheriff, he should know darn well that there was no policy change allowing him to choose whether he took a breath or a blood test. Any first year police officer knows that!

Check out the arrest report here. Check out the unedited interview here.



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