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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pay now or pay later

I’ve met with many potential clients recently who decided to defend themselves because they felt they couldn’t afford a lawyer. One month later they are back in my office begging me to help them withdraw their plea because they can’t make their probation commitments; they can’t afford the mandatory treatment/classes/fines; or they lost their job as a result of their plea.
Unfortunately, these potential clients face an uphill battle attempting to withdraw their plea, which will cost them more than if they hired an attorney from the beginning of their case.

Hiring a lawyer will save you money. Since unrepresented defendants are called last, you will miss hours of work or class. As your lawyer, I will go to court for you. Also, when your appearance is mandatory, your case will get called first, as judges call cases with attorneys before they call unrepresented defendants.

Also, Assistant State Attorneys love dealing with naive, unrepresented defendants because they know you don’t know what a fair plea offer is; whether you have a legitimate defense to the crime; or if the prosecutors can even prove their case! Only by participating in discovery can a lawyer evaluate all the evidence and negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

Lastly, an attorney may be able to get charges dropped, reduced, or negotiate a more favorable resolution than you could get on your own. This could result in reduced fines, costs, or other expenses, potentially making the lawyer’s fee pay for itself.

Consequently, I hope that if you are facing criminal charges you will choose to "pay now" for competent legal advice instead of "pay later" for an unfair resolution.

For more reasons why hiring a lawyer is critical when facing criminal charges, check out my Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Facing Criminal Charges.

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