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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My $.02 on the Casey Anthony case

Recently the defense sought to discredit Ray Kronk, the former meter reader who found Caylee's body, by accusing him of killing Caylee. Now nobody I know who even remotely follows this case would believe for one second that Mr. Kronk killed the poor kid, but the defense wants us to believe Kronk did it because he was violent in his past relationships. The defense's theory that Kronk was the killer is based solely on his previous violent conduct, even though there's no evidence Kronk and Caylee ever met before Caylee's death.

Instead of trying to destroy Kronk's credibility, the defense should consider embracing it. Since it's well known that Kronk attempted to notify law enforcement that something suspicious was in the woods where Caylee was eventually found, the defense should be highlighting Kronk's involvement to blame the police for doing an incomplete investigation. Casey's attorney should argue this bad investigation creats a reasonable doubt on Casey's guilt, because the police were more interested in getting a quick arrest than they were about doing a thorough investigation. Had the police done a thorough investigation and been more concerned with solving it right rather than solving it quickly, the argument goes, their investigation would've revealed that the evidence against Casey was inconsistent, and that someone ELSE killed poor Caylee.

Further, the defense can mitigate Casey's odd behavior during Caylee's disappearance by arguing that Casey was devastated by the disappearance of her daughter and felt guilty that she couldn't protect her, so she lied because she didn't want people thinking she was a bad mom. It's certainly not the strongest argument, but it's better than letting the prosecutors paint Casey as a liar who covered up Caylee's death because she didn't want to get caught.



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